Patient Participation Forum

What is the Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

Patient Participation Group is a group of patients, made up of different ages and backgrounds, which are registered with our Practice and have an interest in the services we provide. This group will endeavour:

  • To develop a partnership with patients.
  • To deliberate over our services and to establish their priorities.
  • To express patients ideas and plans and how to implement them.

The outcome will be:

  • Helping to accomplish prospective plans and goals.
  • The ideas and views of patients must be treated with merit.
  • It is up to the group meetings to modify any ideas in terms of practicality and potential benefit.
  • The importance of publicising the group, the issues discussed and the plans that have been decided.

Contact the Patient Group

Contact the Patient Participation Group to join, or with any suggestions, comments and feedback for the forum meetings by completing the below form.

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